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The Evocation of a Period

Isidoro Roitman Lute

Diana Cruickshank Reader


Oriana's programmes conjure up the atmosphere of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods in recitals of music for the renaissance lute and baroque guitar entwined with poetry and prose selected from both renaissance and baroque writers.


From the Gazette (Canterbury) June 6th, 2002


first graduated in classical guitar at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance where he has recently held the post of lute Professor. As the recipient of a British Council Fellowship, he studied lute and continuo playing at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, gaining his Post-graduate diploma under the direction of Nigel North.

Isidoro is one of the leading lute and continuo players in Europe. In 1990, he established Musica Intavolata which, in 2000, made a highly successful tour of Australia. Isidoro also plays with Ensemble Concerto, directed by Roberto Gini, and played continuo for the Accademia Daniel recording of Handelís Op. 1. In England, he performs regularly with Oriana. Isidoro has worked with several leading figures in the early dance world, such as Barbara Sparti (Italy), Véronique Daniels (Switzerland) and Philippa Waite (Consort de Danse Baroque) and Diana Cruickshank (England). He also accompanies Rostibolli, Dianaís Renaissance Dance group, in their annual performances for the Leicester Early Music Festival.


is a graduate of Aberdeen and Cambridge Universities and is a silver-medal licenciate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. While back at home in Aberdeen in the 70s, lecturing in Speech and Drama, she sang with the Elphinstone Consort and, for six years, was producer for the Aberdeen Opera Company. She is now involved in research and teaching historical dance, with a particular interest in the dances of the Italian renaissance. She is secretary of the Early Dance Circle and organises Dancing into History, a small group which teaches early dance in schools.

Diana directs Rostibolli Renaissance Dance, which performs annually at the Leicester Early Music Festival. She is resident tutor for Bath Minuet Company, dances with the Jane Austen Dancers and teaches for Philippa Waite at the Consort de Danse Baroque Summer School.